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SusanMarie is an Author, Educator, Artist, Public Speaker, and a Spiritual Healer.

She is also a wife for over 30 years and is a mother of seven loving children. She loves people, nature, and most especially God. 

Susan’s story is one of true inspiration for all women in today’s challenging world. Her words serve as rays of hope to many who find themselves challenged or faced with life’s many trials.

SusanMarie is also the co-founder of the #MeTooTwo movement which acknowledges that abortion is another form of sexual abuse. In this recognition, lies the promise of emancipation and freedom for all who have be exploited. This movement provides a unique perspective for healing and restoration and it is our hope to “set all women free”.

An accomplished and award winning author, Susan has penned many poems, three of which are available for purchase here on this website.

And her long awaited book is nearing completion and due to be published within the next year. Stay tuned as we will be updating this website with excerpts from the book in the near future!

Best-Selling Works


A Woman Unto Herself
(Book Coming Soon)


A Woman


My greatest desire is to encourage others as they make their way in healing, learning to live life happy, joyous and free

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