Woman Are Good (Poem)


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The Woman Print evolved out of a Myth Sign and Symbol class at Mundelein College. We were asked to do a reflective poem on Genesis. The words poured out as did the calligraphy design.

It was a sure sign that the piece was a gift from God. I was only the conduit.
The piece was given as a gift and is intended to be shared with others.

We as women all need to be encouraged in who we are as women; reminded that we are created in beauty and wonder by God.

May this print be a continual assurance to all women of their truth.


A woman’s beauty and essence are found within her soul, and a girl is breathtakingly gorgeous in so many ways – specially made by God to give life to this world.

She is stunning when she recognizes her responsibility to her family, and courageous when she becomes ambitious and career-focused.

Wisdom. Courage. Intuition.

As a strong woman who has been through, faced, and conquered a lot in her life, Susan Marie penned this eccentric poem with hopes of inspiring other ladies to grab life by the horns and remain strong and vigilant regardless of the situation at hand.

This is all part of what makes women Strong and Good!

This kind and the uplifting poem came straight from Susan Marie’s heart.

It’s a wonderful blend of words that is sure to make your spirit soar and help keep you reaching for the stars no matter what challenges and hurdles you are currently facing in your life.

What a great inspiration to showcase on your wall at home or in the office!


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