Show Me Your Face Poem By Susan Marie


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I cried out to God, “Show me your face.” And God sent me a child.

This beautiful poem by Susan Marie captures the excitement, love and endless adventure that raising children represents.

Compassion. Faithfulness. Patience. Tolerance. These are all among the things that we embrace during the journey of raising children of our own.

Show Me Your Face is the perfect poem for the wall in your office, bedroom, living room, or anywhere else a spirit cleansing read is in order. What a great way to remember your children when they are away and how important God is in your life and theirs.

This poem is printed in full color on high-quality paper that is ready for framing.

“Show Me Your Face” is a celebration of faith in God and how it reflects on the love we have for our children. It’s a poem by Susan Marie that touches on all the important things that raising children teaches us as we grow with them physically and emotionally.

This beautiful 4-color print features colorful handwritten text over a background of muted pastel colors that capture the pleasant ambiance of the words perfectly.


12" Wide x 19" Long

1 review for Show Me Your Face Poem By Susan Marie

  1. Shirley Hendrickson – Reno, NV

    This poem cheers me up every time I read it and it looks wonderful on my kitchen wall! Thank you, Susan!

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