Writing Is My Passion

Enjoy my latest works of literary art here! My classic poem is available for sale now and my book will be available soon!

Award Winning Poem By Susan Marie

The "WOMAN" Poem

A beautiful and heart healthy poem that will surely clear your soul and keep your spirits soaring high!

This poem by Susan Marie is a full-filling tribute to all that is women. Susan describes writing the poem as being a “conduit for God’s words.” The words are written in bright and colorful caligraphy and blend beautifully on this gorgeous poster print.


Coming Soon

A Woman Unto Herself

An uplifting and whole hearted reading experience for all women.

With the outstanding success of her poem, Susan Marie has decided to bless us all with an entire book for our enjoyment!

A Woman Unto Herself is based on the Woman Print Poem. It is a series of reflections and paintings which share a resurrection story out of sexual abuse. It’s a story symbolic of the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. Soon to be released.

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